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Limit 1 per person.
Additional can be given as gifts.
Botox is injected above the lip to relax the lip to result in slightly more volume and a less gummy smile.

Lip Flip

  • Valid 6 months after purchase
    No Refunds - No Transfers - No Exchanges 
    Can use Alle/Aspire Promos at service in person
    Can buy 1 of each item - Just not 2 of the same
    You can buy additional as gifts.
    For Botox units: If you need more in the session we will offer it at the sale price.
    Retain proof of purchase
    If you have Alle/Aspire coupons at time of service (that are not expired) we can reimburse you for the cost of the coupons at the end of your service. 
    This site does not let you redeem coupons or gift cards. That must be done in clinic at the time of your appt. 

  • Item will be marked as "shipped" after your visit to us. 

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